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Year 2017

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Covers some of the notable events, changes, updates and projects that happen during the year 2017.

Coding Projects

There were a huge amount of changes and new spells and skills added in the year 2017, as the new coder shadowfax and draak got to grips with the codebase, Many more new options, skills and spells were added as alter aeon became more and more a crafting style mud.

Skills and Spells

  • a ranged weapons system
  • a hunting system which made use of the ranged weapons.
  • a cooking system which made use of meat obtained from hunting.
  • a mining system which was split into prospecting and excavation, allowing the gathering of spell components, rocks for knapping and extracting of ores for metal crafting..
  • various improvements to the warrior class to add more finesse when fighting, beyond the standard power attacks.
  • a water spell group for druids
  • complete revision of the cleric class including the way heal spells worked

Building Projects

The year saw a large influx of new builders and release of areas, work continued to be carried out to update and make the newbie island more relevant including new class starting zones and towers of challenge, some of the building projects worked on during the year 2017 included:-

The Dreamteam

From Morpheus and his team of builders:-

  • Five new towers based off of the tower of the quizmaster from the Halloween 2016 event. The towers will be placed at key locations near the main towns and cities on the newbie islands.
  • additions to the Town of Northshore
  • reworking of the trow village
  • new additions to the nightmare plane later in the year
  • additions to the Continent of Gianasi
  • a new area below the city of kings

Team Shadowdraak

From the elemental brothers Shadowfax, Draak and team Shadowdraak:-

  • Suboria updates, Draak plans to create one rack per quarter finishing with the palace of the dragon emperor at the end of the year.
  • Smoothing over the first two newbie islands of Sloe and Kordan
  • Improving new newbie class loading zones and adding extra storyline.

Brak and Meccano

After the successful completion and remodeling of a new Atlantis, Meccano and Brak are working on further extensions to the city, including the great library of Atlantis, containing a hidden secret deep below the fabled city, and the Atlantis Academy where the studious Atlantians continue their pursuit of knowledge and wisdom.

Monthly updates









no longer be auctioned.





Video updates

Quarterly updates

Quarterly video updates from Shadowfax published on alter aeon's offical you tube channel category:alteraeonproductions:-

Monthly updates

Due to the pace and volume of changes, areas and upcoming events, in May 2017 monthly video updates were published for the first time.

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