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Boats are used to make it easier to cross water terrain. There are two distinct types: a portable boat item that a character can carry with them and a ship which can be purchased at a shipyard and sailed.


Portable boat

This is any object with the boat flag, it can be carried in a character's inventory or worn and allows crossing of water terrain, useful if a character lacks the fly spell or swimming skill. An example would be a plank of wood found in The Viking village raid.

Item: 'plank wood wooden driftwood '  
Weight: 3  Size: 3'0"
Type: BOAT   Composition: WOOD
Weapon damage: 4 to 16 fast pound, 12 strength to use.
Object is: 
Estimated cost: 10  

Sail boat

These are purchasable at shipyards and can be entered to start sailing. It is sometimes faster than flying, swiming or using a portable boat, as the ship can perform multiple room movement e.g. sail north 10. Some remote islands are only accessible by ship, teleport or bone dragon.

How to make a sail boat

  1. Find a shipyard.
  2. Type boat buy -f this will cost 10000 gold.
  3. The newly created sailing boat will be placed in the water room adjacent to the shipyard. It should be the first ship in the room and ground string will read something like The Good Ship Snarly Tove floats on the water here.
  4. Enter the boat by typing enter boat
  5. Give it a name by typing boat christen <name>
  6. Set the permissions on who can use the boat.
  7. The boat is now ready to set sail.


Type while in the boat:-

  • boat set flag allowgroup
  • boat set flag allowall
  • boat set clan <name>
  • boat set captain <names>
  • boat set helmsman <names>

Those set as captain have full permissions and can recall the ship while those set as helmsman can steer the ship

List of Shipyards

Shipyards can be found in:-

  • Dragon Tooth
  • Elborat
  • Umi Minami quarter of Daigaku Tatami
  • West Naginag
  • Finspang.

Steering the ship=

The usual cardinal and ordinal directions will move the ship around in addition to a heading a number can be added to move the ship more than one room at a time. The directions can be typed normally in long form or abbreviated, the word sail can also be prefixed e.g. north 10 or sail ne. When a new sail order is given the crew will stop the ship and move in that new direction, that means that stacking commands with the usual semicolon won't work.



In January 2017 the cost of buying a boats was increased from 10000 gold to 25000 gold.

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