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Channels can be used to communicate and chat with other online players. There are a wide variety of channels to choose from and players are also allowed to create their own channels.


Prefix each command with the word channel, the shortcut symbol percent (%) can be used as a substitute for the word channel.

Basic commands

Type <channel name> without any other arguments to toggle a channel on and off and <channel name> <message> to talk on a channel.

General commands

  • channel list - list of all visible player created channels
  • channel stat <channel> - To see more information about a channel including creation date, usage count, level restrictions, flags, disclaimer, owners, admins, banned and allowed characters
  • who <name> - shows who's connected to a channel
  • listen <name> - adds a channel to your listen list
  • create <name> - creates a channel
  • connect <name> - connects to a channel
  • disconnect <name> - disconnect from a channel
  • color <color> - change channel color for you only
  • send <channel> <stuff> - send to a specific channel

owner commands

  • disclaimer - set a disclaimer for the channel
  • password <stuff> - change, add or delete a channel password
  • format <number> - change channel send format
  • dcolor <color> - change channel default color
  • flags <flag names> - change channel configuration
  • addadmin <name> - add admin to channel admin list
  • addowner <name> - add owner to channel ownership list
  • addgod <name> - add access for a god's followers
  • deladmin <name> - delete admin from channel admin list
  • delowner <name> - delete owner from channel ownership list
  • delgod <name> - delete access for a god's followers
  • delete - delete the channel (must be primary owner)
  • resign - resign as an owner of the channel

Admin commands

  • ban <name> - deny a character access to the channel
  • unban <name> - allow a character access to the channel

Permanent channels (notimeout)

All channels will timeout and be deleted once their usage activity reaches zero this is unless it is given a notimeout flag, which can be set by an admintrative god or brought using credits.

Moderated channels

Some channels may be moderated by players and gods. When using these channels it's important to be aware of the channel rules which can be viewed by typing %stat <channel>. Players who make inappropriate use the channel maybe warned or temporary banned by a moderator. The following channels are moderated (April 2016): arena, auction, bovine, chat, event, gossip, ice, imc, music, newbie, ppk, shout, underclocked, xp, zt

Name conflicts

Sometimes channel name or abbreviated channel name will conflict with other commands or a channel maybe turned on accidental from a typo.

Public channels

Auction, newbie and gossip and sometimes referred to as public channels. Players should be extra careful of how they use they channels and make sure they follow the channel rules.

Password protected channels

Some channels may have a password set by an owner typing {{%pass <password>}} this allows them to be restricted to only those that know the password or are on the allowed list. To use a password protected channel either type %connect <channel name> [password] or %listen <channel name> [password]

Connected channel

Type a single percent sign% to show which channels you are connected and or listening to. The currently connected channel is at the top of the list. It is only possible to connect to one channel at a time.

You are currently connected to:
chat            (turned off)
newbie          (turned off)
arena           (turned off)
('channel list' for a listing of all available channels)

Channel color

The owner of a channel may change the default color by typing dcolor <color> those using the channel may change the color by typing %color <color>. Note this changes the currently connected channel so for example to change the color of the dreams channel to bright yellow type %connect dreams;%color bright yellow. The available colors are red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, white, and default. The two prefix modifiers are bright, dark.

Channel flags

Flags can be set by typing % flag <flags>.

  • allowspammer - allow known spammers to use channel
  • moderated - moderators can moderate the channel
  • readonly - only admin and owners can speak, others can listen
  • clanonly - only allow your clan members to use the channel

Player created channels

These are channels created by players and can be viewed by typing % list

Popular channels

Some popular player channels are auction, bovine, chat, gossip, xp and zt.

  • auction for discussion of item related topics
  • gossip for miscellaneous chatting.
  • newbie for new players to get basic advice
  • zt is the official mush-z channel used to talk about the client, get help make suggestions

Special channels

Some channel have extra or slightly different behaviors to the standard player created channels. e.g. arena, auction, clantell, event, friends, grouptell, notify, say, tell and whisper.


Tell <player> <message> will send a private tell to that character, if that players is not online it will look for a mob with the same name. reply <message> can be used to reply to the last person who sent you a tell.


Whisper is similar to tell except it is used to send a private message to a mob or player who is in the same room, others in the room won't see the message but will see that you are whispering.

God channels

Gods may have their own channels for followers and others to talk on shadowfax has the channel fire, draak has ice, gandor has gan and morpheus has dw.

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