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Mudmail is the game's inbuilt mail communication system, it can be used to send messages to players, builders and gods.


mudmail send <player>                     Send a long email to a player
mudmail send <player> <message>           Send a short email to a player
mudmail reply <message number>            Reply to a message
mudmail list                              List your messages
mudmail list sent                         List the messages you have sent
mudmail read <message number>             Read message number
mudmail read sent <message number>        Read a message you have sent
mudmail delete <message number>           Delete message


Mudmail is not meant to be a full blown email system rather a way to save and send messages for others to read when online. Some of the current limitations are:-

  • Does not allow sending the same message to multiple addresses
  • Characters can only access their own character's mailbox while logged in and not the mailboxes of any of their other account chars.
  • Mudmail is only available in-game there is no web interface.
  • Does not allow attachments
  • Limited formatting options
  • Limited to 72 character width per line
  • Limited to sending 5 mudmail's per tick
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