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Minions are creatures that can be manipulated or persuaded to serve as part of a group and that a character has a degree of control over. Both players and mobs can have minions usually they are summoned using various class specific spells. Minions are temporary and will vanish on logout or reboot. Each class has it's own types of minions that can be summoned and used. For the latest list type control list <class>

Warrior minions

The warrior class currently doesn't have any minions

Thief minions

  • shadow decoy - These are short lived minions that are illusions designed to throw an opponent off balance by getting them to target the shadows rather than the real target, they are used for defensive purposes only.

Cleric minions

Clerics can use charm to temporarily add mobs as their minions.

Mage minions

A mage may open portals to other realms to summon magical beings from the elemental planes to server as their minions.


see elemental

  • an evil looking snowman (4 control points)
  • a lesser fire elemental (13 control points)
  • a lesser lightning elemental (14 control points)
  • a lesser ice elemental (16 control points)
  • a lesser crystal elemental (18 control points)
  • a fire pillar elemental (25 control points)
  • a lightning elemental (27 control points)
  • an ice elemental (29 control points)
  • a crystal elemental (31 control points)
  • a greater fire elemental (34 control points)
  • a greater lightning elemental (36 control points)
  • a greater ice elemental (38 control points) (exceeds current control limits)
  • a greater crystal elemental (39 control points) (exceeds current control limits)

Necromancer minions

Necromancer along with druid is one of the primary minion classes in the game. They have a large collection of minions they can summon and create including animated, undead and demons

Tanks and protective minions

  • A clay man (1 control point)
  • A bone guardian (1 control point)
  • [[Flesh Beast|A flesh beast (1 control point)
  • A wood woad (2 control point)
  • A shadow fiend (15 control point)

Demon familiars

see demon familiar

  • an ebony scaled demon (2 control point)
  • an energetic green demon (2 control point)
  • A metal construct (2 control point)
  • a black, horned demon (2 control point)
  • a winged red imp (2 control point)
  • an azure blue demon (3 control point)

Hitter minions

  • A skeleton (3 control point)
  • A skeletal spider (3 control point)
  • A skeletal mage (5 control point) - casts elemental attack spells blaster style minion
  • A zombie (9 control point)
  • A ghoul (13 control point)
  • A mummy (18 control point)
  • A vampire (24 control point)

charmed minions

Druid minions

Druids along with Necromancers are a primary minion class, and have a number of minions that they can call to aid them. There minions are typically not quite as strong as Necomancer's however they are generally cheaper in that they require less preparation and raw materials, there are obviously some exceptions to this such as a shambling bone man, which requires the the filling of a starcatcher bottle. Various hitter style minions can be summoned using call animal or call waterborn.

Tanks and protective minions

  • an earth wall (1 control point)
  • a water weird (4 control point)
  • A shambling mound (7 control point)
  • A liveoak (11 control point)
  • An ancient oak tree (19 control point)
  • A shambling bone man (35 control point) - Needs to be ordered to tank also works as a hitter minion

Binding attack minions

  • Vampiric vines (1 control point)
  • A clutch of poison ivy vines (1 control point)

Call animal minions

see call animal

  • A porcupine (5 control point)
  • A coyote (6 control point)
  • A feral boar (7 control point)
  • A swarm of rats (8 control point)
  • A hyena (9 control point)
  • A wolf (10 control point)
  • a viper (11 control point)
  • A tall stag (11 control point)
  • A black bear (12 control point)
  • A baboon (12 control point)
  • A massive elk (13 control point)
  • A brown bear (14 control point)
  • An ape (15 control point)
  • A mountain lion (16 control point)
  • A cloud of bats (16 control point)
  • A black panther (17 control point)
  • A winter wolf (18 control point)
  • A gigantic moose (19 control point)
  • A polar bear (22 control point)
  • An abominable yeti (27 control point)

Call waterborn

  • A gigantic catfish (7 control point)
  • A dolphin (9 control point)
  • An electric eel (9 control point)
  • A mantis shrimp (10 control point)
  • A stingray (11 control point)
  • A blue shark (14 control point)
  • An alligator (16 control point)
  • A crocodile (24 control point)
  • A kraken (30 control point)

Charmed minions

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