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Recast is a feature introduced in July 2017 that allows for the automatic recasting of buff spells, it is designed to replace mush-z recasting. Spells will only recast at the appropriate time for example when the caster is not fighting or sleeping, and an optional mana floor can be set by typing recast floor <mana>, to prevent buffs from overly consuming resource, keeping some mana in reserve for emergencies. Recasting can easily be toggled on and off as needed and any number of buffs can be added provided the character knows the spell, note it is not necessary to type the spell in full, as with normal casting, abbreviations will work. If the caster fails to complete the spell, it will be recast again until successful, or until the mana floor is reached. Commands can still be sent to the mud and between recastings, and will be respected, in the order they were received. Recasting will also still give a chance of getting better ats.


recast help            -  help screen
recast show            - show current settings
recast start           - turn on recasting
recast stop            - turn off recasting
recast floor <mana>    - stop recasting below this much mana
recast add <spell>     - add <spell> to your recasting config
recast remove <spell>  - remove <spell> from your recasting config
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