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Class Necromancer
Level 23
Resource Cost
Mana - Stat Requirements
Wisdom 23
Intelligence - Damage Type
Normal|- Prerequisites
Life Tap
Bloodmist uses some of the caster's blood to create winged demons that attack the target. The demons are very short lived but can often get in several attacks before being destroyed.

Note that bloodmist demons generally avoid killing the target outright. When the target is mortally wounded, the demons will stop, allowing the necromancer to soulsteal if desired.

The spell is named 'bloodmist' because the demons, when destroyed, explode into a fine mist of blood which tends to hang in the air like a red haze.


  • Bloodmist demons are very vulnerable to area effect spells and mob breath. They will die immediately when subjected to either of these, with the exception of the Earthquake spell, as the demons are flying.
  • This attack damages the caster about equal to your Necromancer caster level, so care should be taken when using it
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