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The world of Alter Aeon has two natural satellites. The first is the moon, called Gothos. Gothos appears as a grayish sphere that rises and sets much like the sun does as Alter Aeon rotates on its axis. Gothos completes an orbit around Alter Aeon every 27 days, or 11 times a solar year. It goes through several distinct phases as it orbits the planet, going from completely invisible to a fully realized orb and then back again. Alter Aeon's calendar is based on these cycles, with each month beginning in the middle of the new moon phase of Gothos. Gothos is believed to be as old as Alter Aeon itself. Fikh purports himself to be the god of the moon, although many associate it with the god Draak. Alter Aeon's second satellite is Drakdrol, an irregular icy mass that is continuously in the umbra of Alter Aeon. Drakdrol is much smaller than Gothos. It is not normally visible, but due to libration, Drakdrol can be seen at certain times of the year as a crescent shape in the nighttime sky. Drakdrol's current condition is a result of the actions of the gods Dentin and Draak, and thus it is associated with the two deities.


A special moonlit lighting level was added in June 2017 for full moon nights, it grants infravision-level lighting.


The area is lit by the dim glow of the full moon.
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