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Gold is the chosen currency of alter aeon. It can be used to buy things like items, equipment and credits.

Obtaining gold

There are multiple ways to gain gold:-

  • killing and looting mobs
  • sacing corpses
  • finding piles of gold that have been left on the ground
  • from containers like treasure chests
  • completing quests
  • gaining explorer points
  • pick pocketing
  • selling items at mob shops
  • selling on auction
  • privately selling items or characters
  • selling on the soulmarket
  • selling items via a player shop
  • selling sought after items to a mob collector
  • selling credits
  • doing favors for other players e.g. helping them run a quest or kill a difficult mob.
  • looting a players corpse (note this is not allowed and you must return any gold found)
  • gambling
  • from a daily gift
  • from a newbie gift
  • completing jobs

It may also be helpful to review Shadowfax's article 'How Do I Get Gold?'.

Spending gold

Once gold has been obtained and accumulated next comes the fun part, spending it! Below is a list of some of the ways gold can be used:-

  • buying items and equipment
    • on auction.
    • privately from other players.
    • mob shops
    • player shops
  • buying souls on the soulmarket
  • converting to credits on the money market
  • bribing mobs
  • clan dues
  • player shop dues
  • paying a mob toll
  • dropping on ground
  • to give to another player
  • splitting with a group
  • banking
  • gambling
  • bottling potions or poisons
  • buying lightcatcher bottles to carve.
  • buying grenade shells and fuses to make bombs
  • buying sailing boats


  • gold shows characters net worth both carried and banked gold
  • show gold same as above displays net worth except in a more compact format
  • brag gold says net worth or sends it to a channel.
  • drop <gold> gold drops gold on the ground, possible use might be to map an area.

note: anything left on the ground can be picked up by other players and mobs, it will also disapper on a reboot.

  • give <gold> gold <target> gives gold to a player or mob

Economic Controls (Offsets)

The gold economy has several adaptive control systems which work in tandem to manage the overall amount of gold in the game. One exported parameter, the 'gold offset', gives an overview of how easy or difficult it is to find gold at any given time. To view the 'gold offset', type graph 5. When the gold offset is high, gold will be easier to find than when it is lower.

For more information on the different parts of the gold economy and how the controls work, please see Dentin's article on Gold Balancing in MMOs.


While been carried gold is not safe from been lost. If a player dies and their corpse is destroyed or lost all gold it contained will also be lost. Thief mobs can also pickpocket gold on players while it is been carried.

Private banking

This is a facility which allows players to access the bank commands from anywhere on the mud instead of having to go to a banking room. It can be brought using credits or sometimes it is given out as a daily gift.


There is a 1% tax rate on storing all gold over one million. To avoid tax players can spread gold across characters in their account.


At a bank or anywhere with private banking:-

  • bank balance
  • bank deposit <gold>
  • bank withdraw <gold>


see also clan

Gold is a necessary part of running a clan and there is a mandatory requirement to setup a clan account from which dues are automatically taken for each tick the clan is in existence. The amount of gold taken varies with factors like number of members and whether the clan has a website. It remains the responsibly of the elders to ensure there is sufficient funds in the account although individual clans may implement there own policy as to whether they expect members to make gold contributions.

Clan banking

Using credits, clans may designate a room in their clan area to act as a bank. It will then behave the same as other banking rooms on the mud and allow players to use the banking command there.


In May 2016 the following gold outflow stats were made available on board 8:

Item purchase/sell
 5.68% - buy multisell
 1.60% - auction fees and abandonment
 0.86% - buy single
 0.46% - buy spells
Item enchanting and upgrading
50.28% - enchant
12.39% - gamble reforge
 1.64% - tailoring
Item creation
 2.49% - scroll scribing
 1.29% - soulstone market
 1.16% - potion bottling
 0.68% - grenade
 0.63% - druid lightcatchers
 0.06% - poison bottling
Miscellaneous player related
 8.26% - player death/drop/give
 5.35% - clan dues
 3.07% - playershop
 2.75% - alms jobs
 0.77% - boat buy and repair
 0.01% - bribe

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