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The Island of Sloe

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The Island of Sloe is the lowest level of three islands linked to the mainland by an ancient portal system. Most people start on Sloe, which is safe haven for new players.

The four major towns of Vemarken, Hildabrad, Stillwater, and Bandera Azul are all shown in detail on the first map, including the location of shopkeepers, banks, and guildmasters. A portal in the town of Vemarken links to the city Indira on the Island of Kordan.

The overhead map was drawn in pieces via airship and is fairly unique as far as maps go. The trade route map was constructed using the standard directional scrying, road marking, and conventional surveying where applicable.



For lastest list see sloe areas.

Area Name Suggested Level
The Refugee Camp 1
The Grassy Field 2
The cave system near Pellam 3
The Stony Field 4
The Greenwood 5
The Cemetery near Pellam 6
Pellam Cemetery Crypts 7
Village of Stillwater 7
Polliwog Swamp 8
Town of Pellam 8
The Kobold camp 8
The Vemarken Hidden Gardens 8
The False Temple 9
The Blue Marshes 10
Town of Vemarken 10
Village of Bandera Azul 11
The farming community of Hildabrad 12
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