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Soulstones are an essentially part of necromancy, those that have learnt the ancient art are able to trap the souls of their victims within stones. Soulstones are a essential consumable component required and used in many modern necromancers spells and skills. The practice was learnt over time by nercomancers who discovered how to capture the energies that bind souls to bodies, distilling them into soulstones.


A small gemstone, cut into a sphere with many facets.  It weighs
heavily in your hand as though it held something from another
realm, and a slight chill runs up your arm as you hold it.

Obtaining Soulstones

Soulstones are mainly obtained by using the soulsteal spell or brought from the soul market. When prices on the soulmaket are high farming souls can be a lucrative source of gold for necromancers.

How to steal a soul

It is only possible to steal a soul when an enemy is near death, usually somewhere below 6% of hp. The target must have a soul to steal from for some creatures like undead it is not possible to steal souls from.

Freak soulsteals

Soulsteals are similar to turn and backstab in that they ranonly give freaks and freak notifications. The freaks give higher a normal level souls, xp and a mention on the notify channel.

(notify) Terminator stole a level 60 soul from a gnoll cave dweller (freak 64!)

Typical uses

  • To gain gold on moneymarket
  • Raising undead armies
  • Bargaining with demons
  • Increasing the power of equipment

Forging and shattering

  • Red level 0 - 9 used for Demon familiar
  • Yellow 10 – 15 used for Demonic detect
  • Green 16 – 23 used for Demon identify
  • Cyan/pale blue 24 – 33 used for Demon lockinfo, demonic protect
  • Blue 34 – 46 used for Shadow fiend, demon spell components
  • Purple 47 – 59 used for Bone dragon, demon alchemist
  • Clear 60 – 72 used for Demon magic power
  • White 73 – 85 used for Demonic tutor
  • Black level 86+ used for Demonic wardbreaker, enchanting

Formula for forging souls

if soulstone levels are equal then new level is current level plus 5

Books that related to soulstones

For saltest list type lib search soulstone in-game.

Books matching your search 'soulstone'
10196 - a book entitled "A Magic Primer: Constructs"
10507 - a book titled "A Treatise on Demons, Devils, and Extraplanar Entities"
10520 - a book entitled, 'Evocations, Conjurations, Summonings and Teleportations, Volume 1'
10588 - a book titled, 'Artifacts Captured During the Great Wars'
13780 - The Necromarcanorum Volume I: Souls
13781 - The Necromarcanorum Volume II: Undeath
13782 - The Necromarcanorum Volume III: Zombification
13785 - The Necromarcanorum Volume VI: Vampirism
13787 - The Necromarcanorum Volume VIII: Sundry Undead
13788 - The Necromarcanorum Volume IX: Homunculi
13789 - The Necromarcanorum Volume X: Teeth
13790 - The Necromarcanorum Volume XI: Shadowmancy
16033 - Modern Necromancy
37374 - a book called 'Demons'
37375 - a book called 'The Demon realm'
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