Town of Vemarken

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Town of Vemarken
(Major Town or City)
Realm The Island of Sloe
Builder(s) dentin  draak morpheus
Level 10
Aggro type friendly
Waypoints Shrine of the Vemarken Faithful (sw from town square)
Donation Room Vemarken Donation Room (sw, s from town square)
Terrain town

The fair-sized village of Vemarken is located roughly in the center of the Island of Sloe. Its advantageous postion along the island's major trade routes have allowed it to enjoy a great deal of prosperity. They have a democratic mayorship, with local volunteers, mostly veterans of skirmishes with kobolds and aggressive sprites, staffing the cityguard force in their spare time.

Each one of the major guilds is represented. There are plenty of useful items to buy, as well as jobs that need to be done. Magical portals lead not only to the town of Indira on the island of Kordan, but also to the mainland and to the Lower Elemental Plane of Air.

Lately, the citizens of Vemarken have lost contact with the hamlet of Pellam, to the west of the village.


Surrounding Areas

Points of interest

  • Mayoral Estate (2e, 2n from town square)
  • The Sheep and Shovel (ne from town square)


The Town of Vemarken is an important settlement which new players will first encounter as they head east from the town of Pellam. There are many newbie quests here. There is a town square in the center of the town which contains a portal to the town of Indira. Dirt trade roads run north, east, west and south intersecting the town square, creating a cross-shapped pattern, this layout is similar to Gads Landing. It is around this area that the game really starts to open up. A large number of quest paths can be found here giving the player a choice of which direction to follow. Portals and even an elemental plane of air are introduced here. Characters can also purchase alcohol and get drunk for the first time at the sheep and shovel bar, which is often the source of some amusement. The effects of the drunkenness are very mild, as the ale served only has a level 1 spell and newbie's will need to find higher level alcohol to get truly wasted.