Brought a ray of sunshine to brighten an imp's day!

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Area Town of Vemarken Questor Suggested Level 10
If you're a necromancer you have a depressing job: raising corpses, preserving corpses, fiddling with teeth, draining blood, hacking out indescribable body parts, etc. It's enough to get anyone down sometimes. If you're an imp, living in a human village, with all the prejudice and dating complications that can cause, it's even more likely to get you down. The imp proprietor of Necromancer Needs is downhearted, and the hedge wizard wants to help him out. You are the instrument of the design to brighten an imp's day . . . get cracking!
Collect a ray of sunshine, a spark of enthusiasm, and a silver lining and take them to the old apothecary
The hedge wizard frowns in concentration: "Yes, i have a small job for you. We have an imp who has recently moved to our town, and he's opened a shop. Normally, his kind would not be welcome here, but I and the funeral director spoke on his behalf, and he was accepted. However, people have not been very friendly, and he's gotten depressed. I want to do something for him, and I have already spoken to the apothecary about it. I need you to give me 1 gold coin, go down in the basement, enter the portal to the heavyside layer and fetch three items back. The first is a ray of sunshine. You can get this by killing any sunbeam you come upon. The second is a spark of enthusiasm. This is only found by killing athunder kitten. The third is a silver lining. You can get that by killing any sort of cloud, though, I think it's more humane to kill the grumpy storm clouds myself. When you have all three items, take them to the old apothecary. She'll mix up the potion.

Take the potion to the imp and give it to him
Finished, the apothecary hands you a bottle with a silver liquid inside. The old apothecary says, "I don't hold with imps personally, but the wizard vouches for this one. I hope it helps him. Mind you tell him to drink it immediately or it'll lose its effectiveness." She turns away and begins grinding herbs once more.
Rewards Leveled Exp Gold
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