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The information in this wiki is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate or update. Mostly is written by players who do not have access to the alter aeon code and will be working under a series of assumptions and educated guesses. If you find any incorrect information the best thing to do is update the page yourself.

For the latest game changes see changelog

Before editing, please be aware of our editing guidelines.

  • The wiki is meant to be a complement to the in-game helpfiles, not a replacement. Please don't just copy and paste the helpfiles without adding to them.
  • Skill, spell, NPC pages can and should provide at least some content that the helpfiles don't, such as tips, common usage, guides for best use, etc. See the Battle Tactics article for a good example.
  • The wiki is not a personal complaint forum. If you have personal issues with the admin, gods, other players, or the code, post it elsewhere.
  • Do not make pages about your characters - that's what the User:Username sections are for. Just click on your name up at the top and edit that page.
  • If you're not sure about the changes you're about to make to an article, get clarification in-game first. Alternately, start a discussion on the article's Talk page.
  • Please don't ask questions or place unsubstantiated rumors in articles. If you're not sure about something, either ask in-game, or put it on the talk page for others to look over.