Put down the deadly white wolf

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Area Town of Vemarken Questor The general storekeeper Suggested Level 10
White wolves are the stuff of legend. They are ill omens, portents of harsh winters and death. Their bites freeze flesh to the bone and their breath is like frost. A white wolf moves like a ghost, boldly attacking livestock and people. Only a brave hunter can hope to track one down and eliminate it.
Help a shepherd to deal with a wolf.
The general storekeeper says, 'I received news that the young shepherd is having problems with a wolf. Please head over to the hay fields and look to the east and talk with the shepherd. Thanks and good luck.'

Find and slay the white wolf.
A shepherd tells you, 'The same white wolf has attacked my flock at least four times! I'm not sure I'll be able to drive him off next time. I'd sure appreciate it if you could track him down and take him out for me! He attacks using cold, so make sure to bundle up with wool and other warm clothes from the general store.'

The white wolf is dead, the flock is safe and time to let the shepherd know.
Now that the white wolf is dead, its time to let the shepherd know his flock is safe.

Report back to the general storekeeper.
The shepherd listens to the story about your victory over the white wolf, and smiles. The shepherd says, 'Thank you so much, you are truly a fine person. Please tell the storekeeper thank you and now I must get back to my flock, have a good day.' He then goes back to tending to his flock.
Rewards Leveled Exp Gold
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