Newbie faqs

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This is a list of commonly asked questions by new players. They are mostly taken from actual questions asked on the newbie channel, although for clarity some of the questions may have been reworded.

Getting started

Where can new players get help playing alter aeon?

Alter aeon has a wide variety of ways for new players to get help. Start by carefully reading the instructions on screen, as you progress through the newbie areas and quests, useful tips will be displayed from time to time. There is a large and intuitive help system which can be accessed by typing help <keywords>. It is recommended that all new players make liberal use of this help system, often the answer to a question exists somewhere within it. A good tip to gain familiarity with the game is to type help random while regening. There are also a large amount of material and articles online both in this wiki and on the main website. Questions can always be asked on the newbie channel, many players and gods are newbie friendly and will be happy to help new players get started. If you don't get an answer straight away be patient sometimes players are busy or not online, alternatively you may like to ask your question on another channel, such as gossip.

How do I speak on a channel?

Type the name of the channel followed by a space and then what you wish to say. To see a list of available channels type channel list. Popular starter channels include gossip, chat, zt and newbie.

How do I see who is online?

Type who

What is the best client to use?

For blind or partially sighted players mushz is the best client to use. For sighted players it is dclient. Both clients have been heavily customized and contain a number of advanced alter aeon specific features.

Solving problems

What can I do if someone is trolling me?

The simplest way to deal with this is to type ignore <char name> this will stop the majority of cases and you may never need to hear from that character again.

How do I reduce spam?

There are a number of inbuilt spam filters, type spam to list them and spam <filter> to toggle them on and off. To enable or disable all spam filters type spam on} or spam off respectively. Mush-z has it's own spam filters consult the user manual for more details or ask on the channel zt.

I keep dying what can I do?

First make sure you are running an area with the correct level range for your character. Training con can help make your character become more hardy, as can wearing equipment with more armor and hp. Check the donation rooms for equipment and make sure you are wearing a full set and not missing any slots.

I'm sure I put this item in my container so why can't I now find it?

In some rooms where it is dark it will be difficult to see equipment. Recall to a waypoint or find somewhere else where it is light and check again.

Classes and leveling

How do I level a class?

Type level <class>

How do I see what level my classes are?

Type level or show level

Which is the best class?

There is no single best class, they all have different strengths and weaknesses and it is mater of opinion and personal preference. As a new player, it's a good idea to try multiple classes to find which playing style suits you best.

Skills and spells

Where can I learn this spell or skill?

Type spell find <spell> or skill find <skill> for a list of trainers. To find trainers in well known areas type where trainer

How do I see the skills and spells I can get for a particular level?

type skill list <level number> or spell list <level number>

What skills and spells should i learn?

Not all skill and spells are necessary and some maybe obscure. Using the check commands can be a good indicator to see what is worth learning. Type check <class>

What should I train first spells or stats?

Type help advice. Early on you will probably want to try out as many spells and skills as possible, to find out what they do, start by spending a couple of practices on each skill, this will give a good baseline from which to improve on. Stats should mainly only be trained when you need them. It is a good idea to keep a few practices in reserve in case you need to train something. Bear in mind, most players will use their first character as a learning experience, so don't be afraid if you make a mistake, there is always the option of resetting or creating another character.

How can I make my spells more powerful?

Generally spells will become more powerful at higher cast levels, this will happen automatically as you level your classes, it can also be artificially raised by wearing equipment with the cast level affect on it.

Areas and directions

How long do areas take to reset?

Repop times vary between areas, although they are usually set to between 30 to 60 minutes. Instances usually take about 30 minutes to reset. Some of the newbie areas may have faster repop times.

Where can I find Vemarken Hidden Gardens?

It is around the northwest corner of Vemarken just off from the hayfields. From the center of town go 4w, 2n, nw, n, w, n and enter the archway.

Where are the Indira ruins?

From The Indira Shrine go n;w;w;w;s;break door;w;enter tunnel

Where is the cave with the bear? I've found the other cave but can't seem to find the crack that leads to the clearing

It's at the south end of the Stony Field on the western side.


Does quest list always show if there is a quest in the room?

Quests can be started in multiple ways, the two main ways are to type quest list at a questor mob or to talk to them. Explore and talk to mobs in an areas, you may be surprised what you find, and this can sometimes provide extra information and clues to quests. Typing quest near in an area will show all visible quests in an area.

How do I get a list of quests I have accepted?

Type quests

How do I get more infomation on a quest?

Type quest extra <number>

How do I reset or delete a quest?

It is not possible to delete or reset a quest once started it must be completed to be removed from the the quests list.

How do I break the glass coffin in the False temple?

Find and get the mallet from the small forge and use it on the coffin, see The false Temple

Where do I find the person that dumped soap in the fountain?

Talk to the wizard's apprentice northwest and up from Vemarken Town Square.

How do we find honeycomb for helga in the bakery?

Travel east from Town of Indira into the Eastern Indira Forest where the spiders are. Find the clearing and enter the Old Indira Forest, fight off the bixies and enter the hole, where the honeycomb can be found inside.

So I've found the chicken and his wand, and he seems to not care about it. Am I missing something?

Type use wand chicken see the Dispelled a chicken and found a mage‏ quest for further details.

Where do I find the acai berries?

The berries can be brought from Fern on the island near Kordan. See Spent some time as a page to the Earl Montebac quest for more details.

Items and equipment

How do I wear this item on my other finger, wrist or neck slot?

To force an item to a particular slot add the location name at the end of the wear command e.g. wear <item> head. To use the second sot for that location add the number two e.g. wear <item> neck2. Note: to use this with the unwear command prefix the location with a minus sign e.g. unwear -finger2.

Why can't I remove this sword?

Some items have been cursed, which means that when worn they can't be removed, unless remove curse is cast on your character.

Does anybody know what the capital R means in front of donated items?

It means it is a random item usually with stats that differ from the normal loading ones.

Is there a limit to the number of bags/containers i can carry?

It islimited by your dex. Type show carried to see how many items can be carried.


How do I spend explorer points?

Unlike combat points (cps) explorer points (eps) are not spendable. They are mainly for bragging rights and to show how much of an area has been explored, a small amount of experience and gold is awarded for each point.

What are combat points for?

Combat points can be used to improve how well you know a particular skill or spell. Spending combat points will improve the skill or spell by 1%. It is recommended you first use practices to train skills/spells as high as possible before using combat points. Type help combat points for more info.

Why is there no explorer points for this area?

Instances don't have explorer points.


Why do I need to worship a god?

Gods are mostly needed to more reliably recall. In the beginning it is not necessary to worship a particular god however it will become more important as you progress.

Which god should I choose?

All the gods are deliberately fairly similar in terms of the things they can provide characters. It really doesn't matter that much which god you choose however some gods are more active, they are dentin, morpheus, shadowfax, draak and gandor.


It says I'm feeling slightly sick, what does that mean and what do i need to do?

This means you are poisoned and will regen at a slower rate. Try casting the spell remove poison on yourself or find an item with poison antidote on it such as the spider glands in the Eastern Indira Forest.

How do I save my character?

There is usually no need to save a character it is done automatically.

What's the significance to the random "You feel a slight tingle and you feel somehow abandoned." message that you get when adventuring?

It means your bless spell has fallen which was probably cast upon you by a priest in one of the waypoints.

Do you earn interest if you put your gold in a bank?

No. Banks have nothing to do with earning interest they are there to keep your gold safe, as if you die while adventuring you lose 20% of on-hand gold.


How do I use the moneymarket?

The moneymarket is an advanced feature, for converting gold to credits and vice versa. As a newbie it's unlikely you will have much need to use it or be able to earn enough gold to make buying credits worthwhile. If you still wish to use it type help moneymarket.

How do I delete my character?

There is no need to manually delete chars, simply create or start using another and it will automatically be removed after a suitably long period of inactivity. Characters that are part of an active account will never be deleted and idle accounts will only be deleted after a few years of inactivity.

How do I buy credits?

Visit the donate page on the main alter aeon website.