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waypoints (abbreviated wps) are used to move quickly between locations and as a back point for when a player recalls or dies. The current waypoint is always the one which the player last prayed at or moved to from another waypoint. Waypoints are generally safe areas from aggro mobs.


To bring up a list of waypoints with associated numbers type way when recalled. To travel to between waypoints either type {{icode|way <number>} or {{icode|way <name>} note the name can be abbreviated i.e. way elbfor The city square of Elborat. Identification numbers can be reordered by typing way reorder <number> <number>. Waypoints can be removed by typing waypoint remove <number>


Players can recall to the last prayed at waypoint by using the recall command or casting a cleric recall spell such as word of recall or group recall. Players are automactally recalled when the game reboots. In some rooms or areas it maybe difficult to recall from. Characters can have thier right to recall temporary revoked by the cleric curse revocation.


fixed waypoints

There are several fixed waypoints in the game that have been sanctified by a god, key locations like many major towns and cities will have a waypoint for players to use.

Where waypoint can be typed in a well known area to find out if it has a waypoint.

list of waypoints

Some waypoints may be defunct, god only, require payment or the completion of quest before use. This list is likely to out of data as new waypoints are added or removed.

ID Room Name Area Name Note
1 the unholy temple of dentin The City of Ralnoth
2 the cathedral in the temple of dentin The City of Ralnoth
3 a tranquil shrine Light Forest East defunct
4 a star-shaped court-yard before the temple Light Forest East defunct
5 inner sanctum of heart Temple of Heart defunct
6 the temple of cygnii defunct
7 recall
8 a small sheltered clearing in the woods defunct
9 the inside of a small cabin defunct
10 a small campfire in the woods
11 a small shrine to vember
12 atop a small knoll
13 inside a small deserted chapel Great Southern Road
14 a shrine to dentin the province of Cornia
15 on the steps of aomizu temple oriental city of Daigaku-Tatami
16 the temple of zin the town of Zin
17 the porch of the house of draak
18 overlooking a small lake high in the Ash mountains The Ash mountains
19 before five ancient statues The Ash mountains
20 glade of spirits
21 warming before the hearth
22 a small meditation room Northern continent
23 the temple to morpheus
24 city of airam, town square
25 room of paddedness and pillows defunct
26 a highly unusual waypoint Redferne's Floating Palace
27 the accepted chapel of denting in naphtali
28 the indira shrine
29 the new thalos temple waypoint
30 shrine of the vemarken faithful
31 a heavily warded waypoint
32 a large waypoint in a stony field
33 the pellam town waypoint
34 a secluded hermitage
35 the pellam cemetery
36 a waypoint on the edge of the blue marshes
37 reception room
38 inside long log building
39 a lovely hideous temple
40 the blood priestess chamber
41 the temple of stillness in gad landing the City of Gad's Landing
42 the vine covered temple
43 la lglesia del cambio
44 a small alley behind two shops
45 a small church
46 the temple of shift defunct
47 the dragon tooth waypoint
48 the fire tower, third floor
49 mooncalf's room
50 in a small, enclosed clearing
51 a small shrine
52 somewhere in the bazaar defunct
53 high-temple to grolantor defunct
54 the temple waypoint
55 the temple of the summer sun
56 the wellinghall waypoint
57 walking through grassy fields defunct
58 the city square of elborat
59 the blessed garden of the amagawa spirit
60 in a protected glade defunct
61 the center of vandar
62 before a massive oak

temporary waypoints

High level clerics can use the hallowed ground spell to create a temporary waypoint as it's name suggests the waypoint must be on land and cannot be at sea or in the air, it also can not be created in a nosum area. Care should be taken when choosing a location as unlike most fixed waypoint which tend to be in safe non-aggro these can be created in aggro rooms. When the waypoint recedes in the room the message "A sense of loss fills the area as the powerful presence recedes" is shown.


  • Personal and clan storage lockers can be accessed while recalled at a permanent waypoint but this will not work at a temporary waypoint.
  • While at a permanent waypoint characters will not get better ats when using spells or skills.