The Island of Archais

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Archais is the easternmost of three large islands linked together by an incredibly ancient portal system. It is home to two major cities, with Gad's Landing on the western coast, and Dragon Tooth to the east. A large mountain, likely an extinct volcano, resides in the center of the island, and the northern portion of the landscape is strangely flat an swampy.

Archais was discovered by the mage Gad Addlebrook several centuries ago as the result of an impressively failed teleport spell. The town of Gad's Landing marks approximately where the mage found himself after regaining consciousness.

This trade route map focuses more on roads and trails and is intended for merchants, travellers, and caravans. As with all sanctioned trade route maps, its accuracy was only guaranteed for a short time after it was issued.



Area Name Suggested Level
The Village of Seaside 20
The Trow village 20
Rogue Settlement 20
Underground Chess Tournament 21
Castle Kraftrager 21
The Archais Archipelago 21
Inner areas for archais archipelago 21
The Nurgling Mound 22
The Djinni School 22
The City of Gad's Landing 22
The Viking village raid 23
Inn of the Lonely Wanderer 24
Vernal Aeternum, the Wooded Fortress 24
Redferne's Floating Palace 24
The Nurgling Swamp 25
Dark Forest of Archais 26
The Wyvren Forest 26
Loric Memorial Hospital 26
Dragon Tooth graveyard & port village 26
The Town of Dragon Tooth 26
Svirfneblin colony below Dragon Tooth 27
The Blackwater Hollows Swamp 27
Dwarven mines near Dragon Tooth 27
The Mansion of Darsakius 27
Azeroth Keep 28
Spider Caves 28
Leprechauns 28
Archais Troll Caves 28
The Trogdolyte City 29
Tyranid caves 29