The Island of Kordan

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The Island of Kordan is the second of three islands linked to the mainland by an ancient portal system. Most people start on the first island, Sloe, and move on to Kordan as they gain levels. Kordan is most suitable for players between level 10 and 20.

The two major towns of Indira and Naphtali are shown in detail on this map. Also included are the locations of a number of villages and graveyards, as well as what little is known about the lost city of New Thalos.

A portal in Indira links to the town of Vemarken on the Island of Sloe. A similar portal in the town of Naphtali links to the town of Gad's Landing, on the Island of Archais.

The trade route map focuses more on roads and trails and is intended for merchants, travellers, and caravans. As with all sanctioned trade route maps, its accuracy was only guaranteed for a short time after it was issued.



Area Name Suggested Level
Qoorik's Underground Lair
Gnomian Village, Kordan
The orc village
The Town of Indira 12
The Haunted Hills 15
The town of Naphtali 17
Maze of the black minotaur 17
Island near Kordan 18