Found the needle in the haystack!

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Realm The Island of Sloe
Starting Area The town of Vemarken
Questor the general storekeeper

This quest can be started from the general storekeeper who is southeast of the town square in Vemarken.


1. To find the hayfields go northwest;west;west;west;west;north;north from the store, where you will see several haystacks.

A haystack has been raked up at the edge of the field.

2.To search for the needle look in each haystack e.g. look in haystack. Haystacks can be searched in turn by prefixing with a number and a dot e.g. look in 2.haystack will search the second haystack.

(on ground) a haystack contains:
a needle

3. Once found get the needle from the relevant haystack e.g. get needle from 2.hay and return to storekeeper. Give the needle to the storekeeper to complete the quest e.g.give needle storekeeper


The general storekeeper tells you, 'My wife makes the cloaks and capes I
sell. She is a skilled seamstress, but she lost one of her best needles
while walking out by the hayfields on the northwest side of town.  If you
could search for it out there, I'd really appreciate it.'
You give a needle to the general storekeeper.
The general storekeeper tells you, 'I'm so glad you found it. In a
haystack of all places! Here's a little something for your trouble.'