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Alter Aeon is a multiplayer text based game set in a world of medieval magic and dragons. You can explore, compete against others, collect equipment complete quests or just chat, there's always something going on, and always something to do in Alter Aeon!

Advanced and new players are both welcome. New players will find custom low level areas and quests specifically designed to help and teach newbies, as well as extensive on-line help and FAQs. New player quest guides can be be found on our main web site.

Blind players - the game is blind-friendly for the visually impaired. Please see our Blind and Visually Impaired Player Support page for connect help and client downloads.

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Character Classes

  • Mage - Adepts of elemental and illusion magic. Able to command powerful elemental minions, brew potent potions, or simply turn everything around them to ash.
  • Cleric - Heal the sick, protect with divine shields, support your party with enhanced fortitude and vigor, and lay waste to the undead.
  • Necromancer - Masters of summoning all things demonic, undead, or otherwise unearthly. By capturing the souls of their enemies or using the corpses of the foes they've slain they can bolster their numbers to protect the group or deal damage to their enemies.
  • Druid - Falling somewhere between a Mage and a Necromancer, Druids have the ability to call forth aid from the creatures around them or from the elements themselves as well as being able to enhance or create their own equipment by carving powerful runes.
  • Thief - Guileful, conniving, and deadly. Able to deal massive amounts of damage while evading the enemy with their wide array of nefarious tactics. Whether it's by poison, grenades, or controlling the shadows, thieves have a tool for every job.
  • Warrior - Stand as the first line of defense, tactically dismantle your enemies, or fly into a wild rage until your enemies are nothing but a red mist.

Alter Aeon is a multi-class MUD meaning that you will be using multiple classes at once so our playstyle is determined more by the combination of abilities you choose than your highest level class.

See the official Picking a Class article for a full guide on the pros/cons of each. There is also a player-created wiki guide available providing some information on different class combinations: Guide to choosing a class