Helped the local merchants of Sloe deliver crucial shipments

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Area Town of Vemarken Questor The general storekeeper Suggested Level 10
Time is a fleeting thing, and sometimes people just don't have enough. For the people of Sloe, any help that can be rendered is welcome.
Take the hedge wizard's robes to be mended.
The hedge wizard tells you, 'Ah, what have we here now? Ooooh, the potion. Splendid. I'll have something to work on later when I have some free time. In the meantime, however, I'm afraid an encounter with a minor lightning elemental has caused some collateral damage to my vestments. Could you take my robe across the way to the general store to be mended? I'll pick it up myself later.' The hedge wizard gives you the hedge wizard's robe.

Deliver a shipment of wool to the pole-maker in Stillwater.
The general storekeeper tells you, 'I need a shipment of wool delivered to the fishing pole-maker in Stillwater. Stillwater is just a short distance away from here. Just take the road straight north out of the town square.' The general storekeeper gives you a shipment of wool. The general storekeeper tells you, 'If you lose the wool, give me 50 gold and we'll try another shipment.'

Deliver a shipment of fish to the fishmonger in Vemarken.
The pole-maker tells you, 'Well it's about time. Takes forever to get stuff from up south anymore. I use the wool to spin the line and wrap the handles of my poles. Since you're already dashing about doing stuff, would you mind running these fish down to the fishmonger back in Vemarken? Also you might want to talk to the fisherman a few west and south from here and the retired hunter a few east and south from here, both also have work they would like done. I'd appreciate it.' The pole-maker gives you a barrel of fish.

Deliver a bundle of seaweed to the local apothecary.
The fishmonger says, 'Ah, thanks to ye. Say, if you could do me a little favor, I sometimes get seaweed mixed up in the shipments from Stillwater. I sell them to the apothecary. If you could deliver this for me, I'd appreciate it. She's on the north side of the street leading east out of town.' The fishmonger gives you a bundle of seaweed.

Deliver a half-finished potion to the hedge wizard.
An apothecary tells you, 'Why thank you, youngin'. I'm usually in need of help now and again. Speaking of which, would you be a dear and run this potion over the hedge wizard. It's not done yet, so don't try drinking it. He's in the wizard's tower on the northwest corner of the town square. Thanks so much.' An apothecary gives you a half-finished potion.
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