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Year End Event 2011

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Advent Event
Year 2011
Date From December 1
Date To January 1
Main Organisers Shadowfax
A Year-End Event took place during the month of December 2011. Besides the many runs to playtest new areas, an Item Creation Contest was orchestrated by the god Shadowfax.

Item Creation Contest

Chief among the Year End Event of 2011's activities was the aforementioned Item Creation Contest, which afforded players the opportunity to design equipment for an upcoming area of the game, something usually only available for builders. Submissions were sent to Shadowfax via mudmail. Shadowfax then sorted through the 22 entries and chose half as finalists, which were judged by a panel of other gods. The five panelists were Dentin, Morpheus, Draak, Gandor, and Kagome, who received a mudmail from Shadowfax, as presented below:

Thank you for volunteering to be a judge in the Item Creation Contest!  I have sorted through the
entries and have posted the top finalists on board 897.  You will notice that the entries are
labelled by number and not by name in order to prevent any sort of bias (or accusation thereof
afterward).  Please look through the finalist entries at your leisure and choose which entry you think
should be first, second and third.  Also, if you believe that any of the entries are worthy of runner-up
status or special mention, feel free to note that.  As this is a secret ballot, please send me your
decisions via mudmail and refrain from discussing contest details with anyone else until after the
winners have been announced.  Once again, thank you for taking the time to help me out!

These gods made their 1st, 2nd and 3rd place choices among the eleven finalists in a secret vote. The choices were then scored and tallied.

Winners had their pieces of equipment designed and given the best equipment flags in order to make them the most desirable of the area, which is called Stoke-on-the-Mound. Their names were added the area's creator string. The other finalists' entries also were used in the area with their permission but are not credited in the creator string.




The winners' scores were actually very close; they were so close in the case of third place, there was a tie.

  • 1st place - Mathayas - Hurricane
  • 2nd place - Guillermo - armguards of the fallen assassin
  • 3rd place - Keiser - the staff, Zauberfluss
  • 3rd place - Pharel - Shatterstar


  • Allan - the Shroud of Shifting Shadows
  • Athlon - leather sandals of the high priest
  • Lexie - a protective belt
  • Lokar - a Death-watcher's monocle
  • Nightwing - an oval shield of burnished flame-red metal
  • Runner - a heavy metal helmet
  • Stewie - blade of the ancestor spirits


The contest area, Stoke-on-the-Mound, was opened to the public on January 27, 2012, along with several other areas: the Avalon Hill expansion, the Broceliande Forest, the Midlands, the Fields of Florin, the Challenge of Elements and the carnival on Avalon Hill.

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