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There are really two types of gods: the programmers, builders, and game administrators are one type, and the Pantheon gods are the other type.

In the first group, there are several classes of abilities:

  • Game code programmer. Examples are Dentin, Shadowfax, and Void.
  • Area builders. Area builders typically only have access to their own areas when building. Examples are Bloodlust, Kagome, and Inessa.
  • World builders. These are builders with global or multi-area permissions. Examples are Draak, Gandor, Morpheus, and Shadowfax.
  • System administrator. These run and maintain the system server software. This is currently only Dentin.
  • Player arbiter. These handle player disputes and other player problems that can't be automatically handled. This is also currently only Dentin.

The second major group are the Pantheon gods. Most of the gods currently in the Pantheon were at one point also builders, but this is not strictly necessary. Pantheon gods can be worshiped in the game and grant the player special abilities like being able to recall more easily.

Pantheon gods are organized by their age, and are listed on the in-game 'gods' command by generation. Dentin was the first generation, and the later generations each came after the previous. Not many gods have been added to the pantheon in recent years.

Notes about the articles in this category:

  • These articles relate mainly to the god as an Alter Aeon character rather than the real life person who plays the avatar.
  • Care should be given not to reveal any private or personal information about a God without their express permission, for example the mortal characters they play.
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