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Christmas carol contest 2014

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As part of the advent festivities a player called scrooge held a Christmas carol writing contest from December 13 to 22. This was taking well known Christmas carols or songs and changing their lyrics and titles to give them an alter aeon flavor. There were two categories lyrics and recordings with prizes of 2500, 1000 and 500 credits respectively for the winning lyrics and a bonus prize of 500 credits for the winning recording. Multiple entries were allowed and increased the chances of winning a prize. The contest closed on December 22 to allow world builders to vote on their favorites. The results were announced on January 2nd.

Winning Carols

There were 23 carols entered and 2 recordings which were posted to the Contest board (1367). The winners were:-

  • 1st C10 Christmas carol by Lexie (2500 credits)
  • 2nd C18 Christmas carol by Athlonstore (1000 credits)
  • 3rd C14 The Little Warrior Boy by Colonel (500 credits)
  • Recording: The 12 Days of Alter Aeon Christmas by Kurek (500 credits)

Christmas carol by Lexie

I'm dreaming of an idle Christmas
With every advents gift I get
While I log in multies
And try to gull these
Shopkeepers into giving me more jobs
I"m dreaming of an idle Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the bots cast spell ups
And groups of fellas
Would retrieve corpses in the snow
I'm dreaming of an idle Christmas
With every board post that I write
May your gifts be useful and bright
And may you idle both Christmas day and night 

Christmas carol by Athlonstore

In the Bleak Nightmare Plane
In the bleak nightmare plane,
Blood bears roamed around.
A fortress stood obsidian,
None could hear a sound.
Blood Ravens flew, they pecked and pecked,
pe-ecked a-and pecked
In the bleak nightmare plane,
Madness reigned unchecked.
    Then some players showed up,
At the fortress gate,
Sander the Barbarian
Asked them "could you waiit?"
A sneaky thief backstabbed him,
blood began to spill,
Sander's friends rescued him,
The fighters joined the kill.
Some mages casted fireball,
Warriors berserked,
The clerics casted breath of life,
The druids did their work.
They casted control weather
and made the weather hot
They solar lanced the giant
and the necros casted rot.
The bodies hit the ground with
Exaggerated thumps.
Those inside the fortress
were down in the dumps.
The players crashed into the gate
Splintering it whole!
Visiting the garrison,
They took a dreadful toll.
Tanis makal screamed for help, and
Lance ironhand fled.
Lady Patience sobbed in grief
She began to count the dead.
The Crimson dragon heard the fight
Her wings began to flap.
Soaring to the combat,
The players screamed "OH crap!"
She breathed a blast of fire
some skin began to burn.
The fighters got their lances
The tables began to turn.
They stabbed in desperation
At the dragon's heart.
She weakly tried to fight back
but she just wasn't smart.
Finally a lance point
penetrated her.
Dancing round in vict'ry
The players skinned her fur.
They sold it on the auction block
For twenty million gold,
And that is how the dragon
was slain in days of old!

The Little Warrior Boy by Colonel

Come, they told me, pah rum pum pum pum,
Group join now for xp, pah rum pum pum pum
We need a tank you see, pah rum pum pum pum,
You'll take the hits for me, pah rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum.
Then we'll heal for  you, pah rum pum pum pum, when you come.



Lyrics to Alter Aeon favorite things by Shryth:-

Helping the farmers and swallowing kittens
Killing some moles to get magical mittens
Pondering the horrors that Archais brings
These are a few of my favorite things
The dwarves' magic bracer, it's so legendary
I just read about it in the dreams' monastery
Sensei that load a nice breath saving ring
These are a few of my favorite things.
Dragon that slashes and midnight blue sashes
Quicklings that hide behind bushes and thatches
Silverwind freezing even though it is spring
These are a few of my favorite things
When I'm playing, Alter Aeon
Around Christmas Eve
I go to the north and to wastelands beyond
And set all the evils free
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