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Pantheon God (third era)
Draak, god of elemental ice
Status active
Roles World builder, coder, msp sounds
Holy weapon a ball of snow

Draak is one of the more primitive gods, generally worshipped by less

sophisticated civilizations. He is sometimes viewed as a vague, impersonal force rather than a personified deity. He is the God of Ice, patron of the moon, and brother to Shadowfax, the Dark Flame, the Sunlord. He arose as a servant of Dentin in ancient days. Through long years of service he was elevated into the blessed Pantheon as an equal. To Draak especially the task of maintaining the wards between the primal material world and the plane of elemental darkness was entrusted.

Draak, along with his brother Shadowfax, are protectors and patrons of many lands and peoples. The Aztecs view them as their progenitors, and the Naginag Combine, the murlocks in particular, look to them for protection and guidance. Draak is also known to have a peculiar fondness of griffins, squid and primates, both winged and land-bound.

The rites of Draak hold great reverence to rest, regeneration, water, conservation and, above all, ice and the elemental cold from whence it springs.


Priest will cast Ice Shield


Draak frequently collaborates with Shadowfax to accomplish his in-game duties, so much so that the two are sometimes referred to collectively as "The Draaks" or "Shadowdraak".