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Level 37

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The first part of the Level 37 expansion was rolled-out as part of Advent 2015, successive updates were released in 2016.


  • Stats made trainable to 27 (costing 12, 16, 21, 28, 39, 55 practices respectively)
  • Maximum normal level cap reduced to 250k xp.
  • Maximum practice cost reduced to 16 million xp.
  • Maximum level cost now 1.8 bil split across 30 microlevels of 60 million xp each.
  • Experience reworking
  • Number of spells and skill were made obscure
  • New skills and spells added.


  • spell lore lowered from level 28 to level 26.
  • crystal focusing lowered from level 35 to level 31.
  • new level 28 mage skill scribe scroll - allows the creation of scrolls using spellcomps.
  • new level 33 mage skill scroll chaining - allows the chaining of additonal spells into scribed scrolls.
  • new level 35 mage skill greater fire elemental - allows the summoning of a more powerful fire elemental.
  • new level 37 mage skill crystal elemental - allows the summoning of a crystal elemental.
  • new level 37 mage skill greater lightning elemental - allows the summoning of a more powerful lighnting elemental.


  • TBD


  • new level 37 skill evasion (released in April 2016)


  • Charge given a 15 second cooldown timer
  • new level 28 warrior skill improvise tactic - allows the creation of a temporary battle tactic.
  • new level 31 obscure warrior skill sunder - A more powerful version of disarm, has a chance to destory a mobs wielded weapon or render it useless. When used on players it does not destory the weapon, instead it works as a high level disarm.
  • new level 37 skill create tactic - allows the creation of a new permanent battle tactic, by spending one practice.
  • new level 21 skill ground strike - strikes the ground with force to create a powerful shock wave.
  • new level 16 skill attract - shouts a challenge to nearby mobs to encourage them to attack.
  • new level 24 warrior skill enrage - directs a mobs attension towards the character using the skill. can be useful for fighting notank mobs.


released May 2016


  • acorn gathering, no longer dependent on foraging.
  • Lightcatchers and druid spellstaffs given a chance to break when used.
  • Split druid carving and runes into two separate skill groups.
  • new level 17 druid salve insect repellent - Makes it difficult for insects to attack.
  • new level 30 druid spell thorn armor - surrounds the caster in a layer of thorns and vines for increased armor.
  • new obscure level 32 druid skill call yeti - summons a yeti minion.
  • new level 33 druid salve sunscreen - protects against sunlight and strong light attacks.
  • new level 34 druid spell sandstorm - creates an area of affect attack that lower an opponents defences over time.
  • new level 37 druid spell ancient oak - uses bottled sunlight and acorns to create an ancient oak minion.
  • new level 37 druid skill spirit totem - stores call animal in a totem for later use.
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