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New Year 2015

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New year 2015 was an event organized by the world builder Morpheus. It ran from December 30, 2015 to January 4th, 2015 and consisted of a series of holiday themed quests, which were released in stages over the course of the event.


  • 103 - The caves of time
  • 122 - Runn-Ciru, the stronghold of the glacier dwarves
  • 127 - The tunnels of Icarrus
  • 128 - The Ralnoth Department of Civil Services


  • Helped spread some holiday cheer!
  • Helped save the world from an overabundance of holiday cheer!
  • Last archetype standing in the new year bash of 2015!
  • Collected several items to build a firework cannon to bring in the new year with a bang!.
  • Braved the tunnels of Icarrus to obtain a long shard of greenish-blue ice.
  • Recovered the New Year sash from the glacier dwarves.
  • Gathered ingredients that a master chef needed to make a cake for the New Year celebration.
  • Ransacked the tunnels of Icarrus to obtain another long shard of greenish-blue ice.
  • Hunted the tunnels of Icarrus for one last shard of greenish-blue ice.
  • Invaded the palace of the Snow queen to recover the New Year top hat.
  • Prevented the spread of greenpeace disease by cutting back the number of trees in the world.
  • Helped the Ralnoth Department of Civil Services to setup the New Year celebration.
  • Melted Jack Frost's icy plans and saved the coming New Year of 2016!
  • Stormed into the Icereave Caverns to recover the staff of time.

Holiday imps

As the New Year approached festive holiday imps begain escaping, from cracks in reality, to spread holiday cheer. This triggered thcompletion e start of two new repeatable quests, involving either spreading imp's cheer onto players or using it to seal the cracks, preventing more from spawning.

A festive holiday imp says, 'Happy Holidays! Cheer for all!'


On completion of all the New Year quests Father Time gave a token, which could be touched to generate an hourglass.

Item: 'hourglass time  glass ' 
Weight: 2  Size: 0'8"  Total levels: 145 (very uncommon)
Type: OTHER   Composition: GLASS
Wear locations are: HELD 
Estimated cost: 76219  
Item has other effects:
Affects:  MANA_REGEN by 2.0
Affects:  AGE by 12
Affects:  MANA by 12
Affects:  ABSORB_ICE by 1
Affects:  ABSORB_ZAP by 1
Affects:  ABSORB_FIRE by 1
This item is bound to your account.

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