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Advent 2014

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Advent Event
Year 2014
Date From December 1
Date To January 1
Main Organisers Dentin Morpheus
Advent 2014 was the start of series events to celebrate the Christmas and New Year period it included:-
  • Advent gifts (December 1 to 31)
  • Christmas carol contest 2014 (December 13 to 22)
  • New skills and spells. (December 1 to 31)
  • Xmas 2014 event (December 24 to 27)
  • Year end 2014 event (December 30 to January 1)
  • Large decorated Christmas tree in Ralnoth
  • Tree mobs
  • Holiday themed arena mob pk sets.

Advent Gifts

see Daily gifts

The advent gifts were back for there third year.

Christmas Carol Contest

see Christmas carol contest 2014

On December 13, scrooge posted on board 7 inviting people to write alter aeon themed Christmas carols. The contest ran until 22 December at which time it closed for world builders to vote on their favorites. The results were announced on December 1st.

Xmas 2014 event

See Xmas 2014

The theme was Santa's workshop.

Year end 2014

See Year end 2014

The theme was Jack frost kidnapping the new year baby.

New skills and class changes



  • knockback - for creating distance between attacker and target.
  • shield block - damage avoidance skill
  • tank withdraw – diverts attacker(s) to another tank.


  • call squirrel - for quickly acquiring acorns.
  • deadoak - for quickly acquiring wood.
  • Swarms of bats and swarms of rats added to the druid call animal skill.
  • carve weapon - for a creating a make-shift weapon.
  • gather staff command to allow gathering of wood to make druid spellstaffs.
  • trollsblut tincture - for increased regen.
  • firebrand - for carving runes onto leather.


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