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Weightless container

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Weightless containers are containers that you can place objects into. Any object placed into them has no weight, and will not affect a characters encumbrance, therefore not bog down the character using the container. A character can normally carry only about 500 pounds of weight, and with the great variety of objects used in the game, a weightless container is invaluable. Weightless containers come in two types, permanent weightless containers and temporary also called tensor's floating discs, or simply tensors.

Permanent weightless

These are a type of weightless that save and never times out. At higher levels having a permanent weightless becomes increasingly more valuable and a lot of higher level players will choose to obtain one at some point. They do cost credits however credits can be brought on the money market using gold and there is also a secondary market where players will sometimes sell a weightless.

New weighless

The permanent weightless is a credit purchase. The initial fee is 2500 credits for a 500-pound container, with 20-pound expansions priced at 100 credits each. When you buy your weightless for the first time, you must choose a default names for it. The list of names can be viewed by typing credit buy weightless show and include:-

  • An icy vortex
  • a vortex of shadows
  • a shadowy vortex
  • a portable hole
  • a pocket dimension
  • an unlimited black sack
  • a weightless bag
  • a magic mirror
  • a blue dragonhide bag
  • a portable mage's closet
  • a plaid dragonhide bag
  • an unassuming red bag
  • a bone collector's bag
  • a small black hole

You can ask dentin to change the name to something else of your choice for a price of 1000 credits.

The weightless container is 50 feet in size, meaning that it can store almost anything. If you have a lot of equipment, you will quickly fill the 500 pound initial limit, which means you'll have to spend more credits to increase it.

Second hand weightless

As well as creating a new weightless containers with the credit buy command, there is also a secondary market where occasionally you will be able to do a deal with another player either over auction or privately to buy their weightless. It is worth noting that the insult string will contain the name of the player who originally created it, for example:-

 hole black portable small -xera 4525bdch4334acb34520ace29c1722d5

Holiday stockings

As part of the advent 2012 and advent 2013 events a small weightless container with a 20lb capacity was given out as a daily gift.

Item: 'stocking holiday sock -xera'  
Weight: 0  Size: 50'0"  
Object is: FLOATING 
Type: CONTAINER   Composition: MAGIC   Weight capacity: 0 of 20 lbs.
Item is unwieldable.
Estimated cost: 0  
This item is bound to your account.

Temporary weightless

An alternative to the permanent weightless is the Tensor's floating disc spell, learnable at level 19 mage. When cast, a temporary weightless is created, with a random size and capacity. Note that the random size may mean that some larger items, such as powerful weapons, may not fit inside. Higher cast level will increase the average size and capacity of your tensor, but not the duration that it lasts. When the tensor expires, all the items that were inside will go back into your inventory. If you had more than 100 items in a popped tensor, you will find that you are carrying so many items that you cannot move. You will have to recast the tensor to be able to move again.

Tensors can be fairly dangerous. If a tensor pops while you are in an intense fight, you may be unable to retreat due to the items you are carrying. Also, it is just a nuisance to have to watch your tensors and recast them all the time, as the tensor spell costs 48 mana.

Zero weight containers (non-weightless)

Some containers have a zero weight without been a true weightless this means that the container itself adds nothing to a characters encumbrance but its contents do. An example of this is a pocket dimension:-

Item: 'pocket dimension'  
Weight: 0  Size: 50'0"  
Object is: 
Type: CONTAINER   Composition: MAGIC   Weight capacity: 0 of 1100 lbs.
Item is unwieldable.
Estimated cost: 12604

Credit buy commands

  • credit buy weightless show - Lists the available weightless names.
  • credit buy weightless show <name> - Show a given name in detail.
  • credit buy weightless <name> <credits> - Purchase a weightless container.
  • credit buy capacity <weightless> - use 100 credits to enlarge a weightless
  • credit buy wsplit <weightless> - use 1000 credits to split a weightless container
  • credit buy wmerge <weightlesses> - use 1000 credits to merge weightless containers
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