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The Thief class is all about getting work done quickly and hopefully before they're seen. They are masters of the shadow disciplines, traps, poisons and all manner of dispatching their foes without being seen. Their skills allow them to completely avoid combat while roaming the world, both useful for explorers and critical for getting through higher level areas without the aid of your friends.


Archetypal skill: Stealthy Movement
Shadow Disciplines
Archetypal skills: Shadow Strike, Cloak of Darkness
Surprise Attacks
Archetypal skills: Dirt Throwing, Backstab
Archetypal skills: Poison Weapon, Poison Cloud

Full Skill List

Core Stats

Dexterity - Governs the effectiveness of nearly every Thief ability
Strength - Required to wield weapons and impacts your melee damage
Constitution - Determines your overall health and movement. Quite important as a melee fighter

Secondary Stats

Directly increases weapon and melee skill damage
Some thief skills such as Backstab and Crippling Strike completely ignore armor therefore Damroll should be prioritized over Hitroll
Skill level
Increases your effective level when executing skills
As with Warrior Skill Level, Thief Skill Level will make most of your skills more effective.
Your ability to strike through your target's armor
While some skills bypass armor a Thief is still primarily a melee fighter and will need some hitroll for their weapons to hit the target

Tertiary Stats

Increases your chance at successfully fooling your enemy when using Feint
Improves your ability to pick locks
Helps prevent you from being attacked if you're caught stealing
Helps prevent you from being attacked by aggressive monsters should your sneak skill fail


See Thief/Guide for a more in-depth guide into being a Thief

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