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Druids have excellent moderate hitpoints and moderate mana. They primarily make use of magic found in nature, ranging from control of animals to changing the weather and storing sunlight as a weapon.

Class specialties

Core Stats

Druids rely on Wisdom and Intelligence to learn and use their spells similar to a Cleric or Mage with Intelligence requirements generally a couple points lower than Wisdom

Starter skills and spells

As of November 2016, Newbie druid characters come with gust, foraging, and thistles as starter spells and skills.

Full Skill/Spell List

Druid Spells/Skills

Helpful Guides

History of the druid class

Druid is the sixth alter aeon class and was released on December 1st, 2013, as part of the Advent 2013 event, after dentin met his own self-imposed deadline. During the build up there was a lot of discussion on various channels, as players excitedly awaited its release. Players were also invited to contribute ideas and suggestions, via board 8 and on the online forum. A lot of work was done in 2013 to accommodate the new class including alpha testing by players, shortly before it's official launch. During 2013 many important updates were introduced to help pave the way for the class, which included a fully functional weather system.