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Warriors are a pure martial class dispensing with their enemies or protecting their allies with a vast array of weapons, armor, and tactical knowhow.


Weapon Mastery
Archetypal skill: Riposte
Archetypal skills: Roar, Cry of Victory
Power Attacks
Archetypal skill: Leap
Group Tactics
Archetypal skills: Tanking, Retreat
Battle Fury
Archetypal skill: Berserk

Full Skill List

Core stats

Warriors rely on a high constitution and strength, with dexterity thrown in for good measure. Constitution gives them the high hitpoints needed in battle, while strength and dexterity are needed to master various skills.

Strength - Required to wield almost all weapons, increases physical damage done
Dexterity - Makes it easier to dodge, parry, and shield block as well as having a small effect on almost all warrior skills
Constitution - Determines your overall health and movement

Secondary Stats

Warriors can have two extremely different playstyles: The hitter focuses almost exclusively on damage; The tank, conversely, focuses almost entirely on defense. Solo warriors will generally prefer to use a hitter playstyle rather than a middle ground between the two as there's no better way to take less damage while solo than taking the enemy out of the equation as quickly as possible.

All types of warriors want Movement regen since nearly all of their abilities use movement as the resource.


Your ability to strike through your target's armor
Warrior abilities, unlike those of Thieves, do not ignore armor and you'll need hitroll to effectively deliver the hurt
Directly increases weapon and melee skill damage
Skill level
Increases your effect level when executing skills


Armor class or AC
The higher this is the harder you are to hit
A tank's main job is to draw the attention of enemies and stay alive as long as possible while letting your party deal the damage
Skill bonuses to these abilities are extremely useful to tanks
Saving throws
When facing an enemy with elemental or magic attacks having the appropriate defenses is critical


See Warrior/Guide for a more in-depth guide into being a Warrior

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