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Levels in the Cleric class give moderate hitpoints, mana, and movement. They are able to cast many protective spells, heal the injured, resurrect the dead, curse and hinder enemies, and have a great many utility spells and skills to assist others and allow groups to run smoothly. As a result of this balanced nature, clerics are not generally considered heavy melee fighters or spell blasters. They are easily the most powerful support class, and dedicated clerics are often found in groups.

There are several common cleric play styles:

  • Cleric melee, with a focus on protective spells such as Faith Shield and Sanctuary, cursing spells such as Faerie Fire and Weaken, using melee weapons and attacks as the primary method of dealing damage.
  • Cleric curser, using curses such as Weaken and Lethargy to hinder enemies when grouped.
  • Undead Turner, using the Turn Undead and other undead skills to manage undead. These cleric skills can also be used very effectively in tandem with necromancer skills.

Class specialties

Core Stats

Wisdom and Charisma are necessary to learn every Cleric spell with Charisma requirements generally a handful of points lower than Wisdom

Full Skill/Spell List

Cleric Spells/Skills