Made it to Pellam and broke the blockade

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Realm The Island of Sloe
Starting Area The Refugee Camp
Other Areas The Kobold Camp
Questor Whelan


  1. Talk to Whelan
  2. Enter the Kobold Camp and kill Uffspigot
  3. Find and pray at the Pellam waypoint
  4. Go back to the Refugee Camp and talk to Whelan to tell him the good news.


You try to strike up a conversation with Whelan...
Whelan tells you a bit more about the fall of Pellam:

'As I told you before, our town was over run by an army of kobolds.  They
have set up a camp far off to the southeast of this encampment, blocking
the path back to Pellam, and their otherwise loose troop is held together
by their leader Uffspigot.

If you can eliminate Uffspigot, I believe it will cause enough confusion
that they will disband.  This should allow us to return safely to Pellam,
or what's left of it.'

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