The Refugee Camp

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The Refugee Camp
Realm The Island of Sloe
Builder(s) dentin  draak
Level 1
Waypoints A heavily warded waypoint
Donation Room The Garbage Pit
Area Size tiny (9 rooms)
Terrain town
Mob Types human

The Refugee Camp is one of the first areas that newbie characters will encounter upon entering the world of Alter Aeon. The encampment is made up of what is left of a much larger party, whose town was destroyed by a band of nasty little imps that even continue to hound them to this day. The encampment is made up of several people, there is the leader Whelan that has a few quests, the blacksmith Lojban that has many useful newbie items for sale, Sonja and a young acolyte that are priest of Dentin and can cast a few spells on adventurers for a small donation. There are also two teachers, Kamrah the Huntress who teaches the fighting skills and Stiboli the Spellcaster who teaches low-level spells in the caster classes.




Sonja the Elder says, 'since we were driven from Pellam, I haven't seen my sister.  She vanished the day before it happened, and we had only started searching when the town fell.  I hope she's still alive'
Kamrah the Huntress says, 'I really hate being cooped up in here, cowering behind these walls.  There's just too many of them out there though.'
An archer says, 'every now and again one of the stupider creatures tries to cross the bridge, but between the wards and my bow they never prove to be a threat.  If you decide to venture out, remember that you can probably run faster than they can if you get in trouble.  It also helps that they're really stupid, but beware!  There's far too many to be able to kill them all.'


Shop Name A makeshift, cluttered shop
Shopkeeper Lojban
Type general

Sells a white seagull's feather, a leather cap, a small iron pot, a warrior's copper helmet, a soapstone necklace, a razor chain, a black leather strap, some deer hide sleeves, a pair of brown rabbitskin sleeves, a soapstone bracelet, a gold and silver bracelet, a dyed red leather bracer, thorn beast hide gloves, a pair of clam shell gloves, a plain white shirt, a striped pajama shirt, a cheap metal cuirass, a hardened leather apron, a braided leather belt, a pair of striped pajama pants, fisherman's pants, a set of rusty chain shackles (hum), thorn beast hide boots, soft black boots, a pair of scuffed leather boots, a wooden shield, a collection plate, a two-handed club, a cheap warrior's flail, a cheap thief's spear, a small brewing pot, a large bag, a scroll of identify

Notes sells a number of useful newbie items including a basic brewing container, a large bag and scrolls for identifing objects on the ground.

Shop Name Healers Tent
Shopkeeper A young acolyte of Dentin
Type spells

Sells level 12 castings of cure light wounds, cure blindness, remove poison, refresh, infravision, continual light, armor, bless and strength.


Talking to Whelan updon entering the camp starts the main quest line which guides newbies through the first fields and cemetry towards the Towns of Pelam and Vermarken. The blacksmith has a repeatable quest for newbies to do which involves collecting hides from the imps in the Grassy fields.

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