Discovered an ambush party!

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Realm The Island of Sloe
Questor A wounded soldier
Level 1


  1. Talk to the soldier
  2. Takeout the first scout
  3. Kill the rest of the imp scouts
  4. Talk to Whelan in the Refugee Camp


 You try to strike up a conversation with A wounded soldier...
A wounded soldier says, 'a party of imps are preparing to ambush our camp 

through the ravine to the south!'
A wounded soldier coughs up some blood.
A wounded soldier says, 'the main force could arrive at any time!  You 

must get to the camp and warn them!'
A wounded soldier says, 'it may not look like it, but if you follow the 

ravine to the south, you'll reach the camp'
A wounded soldier says, 'please hurry!  good luck!'
At the limits of his strength, the soldier drifts off into 

You've found imp scouts at the ambush point!  Avoid them
or fight your way through to get to the camp!
As you look down into the encampment, you realize that these imps
intended to ambush the people below!  You should go 'down' and talk
to their leader to warn them.
You try to strike up a conversation with Whelan...
Whelan says, 'Thank you for warning us about the ambush!  We would
have been overrun if you hadn't stopped them.  We will send
reinforcements to the ravine and a rescue party for our missing
soldier.  I hope we can get there in time.

The ambush was probably sent from the camp in the fields to the
east. The leader of the camp, a Carver Shaman, has been summoning
imps to attack us ever since our town was destroyed.  We have been
unable to send for help.

If you could assist us in defeating the shaman, we would be very
grateful. You can find the shaman by going 'east' across the bridge
and into the fields. The camp is blocking our only path to safety.'

Quest Tree

Refugee Camp Quest Tree

New Quest Branch


  1. This is the first quest new players will encounter and leads onto several more quests revolving around the refugee camp.
  2. Talking to the wounded solider doesn't actually give you the quest but since you need to talk to him to get past and the quest is for him anyway it can be considered the first step.