Bone Blade

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Class Necromancer
Level 7
Resource Cost

Mana 10
Stat Requirements
Wisdom 13

Intelligence 15
Harvest Teeth

Bone blade is similar to the Cleric spell Spirit Hammer in that creates a temporary weapon. With some small differences

  • Bone Blade, unlike Spirit Hammer, can be cast on a target to provide them with a weapon
  • The weapon's damage is based off the target's strength at cast time instead of the caster's (though obviously it uses the caster's if they are the target)
  • Bone Blade does not have NECRO_CAST_LEVEL like Cleric's Spirit Hammer has CLER_CAST_LEVEL
  • You cannot specify a damage type or two-handedness like you can with Spirit Hammer

A Bone Blade will identify similarly to this (values changing based on cast level). Note: due to the weapon's lack of damroll and lower hitroll it may be flagged as JUNK. Bone Blade's main selling point is its PARRY and HIT_POINTS values.

2 to 30slash
normal Speed
Requires 24 Strength
  • +2 hitroll
  • +10 HP
  • +3 parry
Requires Level 9 Necromancer
Keywords: long bone blade biter

This particular blade was cast by a level 9 necromancer with 25 strength and 0 cast level

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