Bone Shield

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Class Necromancer
Level 6
Resource Cost

Mana 8
Stat Requirements
Wisdom 12

Intelligence 14
Harvest Teeth

Bone Shield is in the same family of spells as Bone Blade but acts differently in a few important ways

  • Bone Shield cannot be targeted and is immediately bound to the caster
  • The stats of the shield are dependent entirely on Necromancer Cast Level whereas the stats of Bone Blade's resulting weapon will differ based on the target's strength
  • The resulting shield requires only 11 strength whereas the Bone Blade requires (target's strength - 1)

They are similar in that all Bone item spells require teeth to cast and will eventually disappear

A Bone Shield will identify similarly to this (values changing based on cast level). Bone Shield's main selling point is its massive HP boost as well as bonuses to Breath, Poison, and Spell resistance

14 Armor Class
Requires 11 Strength
  • +15% Breath Save
  • +10% Poison Save
  • +5% Spell Save
  • +29 HP
Requires Level 10 Necromancer
Keywords: shield bone twisted

This particular shield was cast by a level 10 necromancer with 0 cast level.

Note: Bone Shield creates a very powerful shield and can sometimes result in an item so powerful it's labeled a RELIC. This is offset by it being limited in its duration and untradeable.

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