Bone Armor

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Class Necromancer
Level 12
Resource Cost

Mana 12
Stat Requirements
Wisdom 16

Intelligence 18
Bone Shield

Bone Armor conjures a set of high AC armor for the caster to wear.

Important Notes

  • The spell cannot be targeted but you must specify either "self" or your own name as the target when casting to confirm the cast
  • When the spell finishes the conjured armor is automatically equipped and it is CURSED flagged so cannot be removed (Even with Lift Curse)
  • Similar to Bone Shield resulting stats are depending only on Necromancer Cast Level

Bone Armor will identify similarly to this (values changing based on cast level).

14 Armor Class
  • +15% Breath Save
  • +10% Poison Save
  • +5% Spell Save
  • +31 HP
Requires Level 12 Necromancer
Keywords: bloody bone armor

This particular item was created by a level 12 necromancer with 0 cast level

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