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The Stony Field

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The Stony Field
Realm The Island of Sloe
Builder(s) dentin  morpheus
Level 3
Aggro type aggresive
Terrain field
The stony field is populated by a of host nasty little creatures, like

imps, goblins, and a host of other beasts. Directly to the east from the way point is the entrance to a cave and to the far south is a tree that one can enter. A little south and east from the way point is the path to Woodfist and the graveyard.


  • big hairy beasts
  • Mindless zombies
  • fish crows
  • green skinned imps
  • Carver Shaman
  • Goblin warrior
  • turkey vulture
  • woodbeast

Surrounding Areas

Points of interest

  • Entrance to cave system - near the beginning of the area is the entrance to the cave system for finishing the Sunlight Staff quest.
  • Rotten fir tree - near the southwest corner of the area is a rotten fir tree that you can enter to speak with the druid for the druid's quests. Also, searching will reveal the hidden entrance to the druid's sanctuary from the same room as the tree.
  • looted farmhouse - near the eastern edge is a looted and gutted farmhouse that you can enter to sleep safely.
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