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Pellam Cemetery Crypts

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Pellam Cemetery Crypts
Realm The Island of Sloe
Builder(s) dentin  draak
Level 6
Aggro type aggresive
Area Size Area is larger than some of the other surrounding areas like the stony fields and contains a least 70 rooms.
Terrain cave, building
Mob Types undead
These crypts on the surface appear to be two separate mausoleums located

in the graveyard. Below the surface is a bunch of connecting passages and chambers filled with ghouls, mists, vampires, zombies, skeletons and other nasty little critters. This is thought to be the final resting place of a vampiress, the lord of ghouls and Grimmath the necromancer.


  • myling
  • revenant
  • vampire spawn
  • ancient skeleton
  • black zombie
  • bloodless zombie
  • dust covered zombie
  • ghoul
  • vampiress
  • pale blue mist
  • lord of the ghouls

A myling, which in folklore is the soul of an unwanted child, says things like

'Are you my mommy?'
'I love you, daddy'


  • misty blue potion
  • Item 'misty blue potion vial mist'
  • Size 0'4"
  • Weight 1
  • Type POTION
  • Composition GLASS
  • Affects

    Item has level 25 spells of:
    protection from evil
    detect evil

  • a ghoulish crown
  • (Rare)
  • Level 7
  • Item 'crown bones sinew ghoulish ghoul'
  • Size 1'0"
  • Weight 2
  • Type MAGIC
  • Composition BONE
  • Flags RARE
  • 2 ac-apply
  • Wear Location(s) HEAD
  • Affects

    wisdom by 2
    damroll by 1
    charisma by -1

Item: 'small silver ring' Weight: 1 Size: 0'1" Total levels: 3 Object is: QUEST_ITEM Type: ARMOR Composition: SILVER Defense: 1 ac-apply Weapon damage: 1 to 2 slowest pound, 10 strength to use. Wear locations are: FINGERS Item has other effects: Affects: MANA by 7

Item: 'necklace dark metal black charm onyx skull amulet' Weight: 1 Size: 1'0" Level: 7 Object is: Type: MAGIC Composition: ROCK Defense: 3 ac-apply Wear locations are: NECK Item has other effects: Affects: HITROLL by 2 Affects: MANA_REGEN by 1.5

Item: 'cane grimmaths wand' Weight: 3 Size: 3'0" Level: 7 Object is: ANTI_GOOD Type: WEAPON Composition: WOOD Weapon damage: 4 to 32 pound, 12 strength to use. Item has other effects: Affects: NECR_CAST_LEVEL by 1 This item is bound to you.

Item: 'short sword red-bladed red bladed blade' Weight: 7 Size: 2'6" Level: 5 Object is: Type: WEAPON Composition: COPPER BASED Weapon damage: 3 to 21 fire slash, 16 strength to use. Item has other effects: Affects: HITROLL by 2 Affects: DAMROLL by 3 Affects: SAVING_COLD by 10% This weapon will be somewhat effective against ethereal creatures. This weapon will be very effective against plants and blobs. This weapon will be less effective against skeletons and machines.

You are carrying ceremonial stone gauntlets. Item: 'pair stone ceremonial gauntlets' Weight: 4 Size: 1'0" Level: 6 Object is: Type: ARMOR Composition: ROCK Defense: 6 ac-apply Wear locations are: HANDS Item has other effects: Affects: DAMROLL by 1 Affects: DEX by -1 This item is bound to you.


area contains a rotted and wore chest, the key can be found with the lord of the ghouls.

(on ground) a rotted and worn chest contains:
an ancient shield (binding) (unique)
a scroll of soothing
old gold coins

Surrounding Areas

Points of interest

Pellam cemetery crypts can be assessed by entering the mausoleum in the Pellam Cemetery. It is here where the vampiress can be found and killed to complete the vampiress quest.

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