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The Cemetery near Pellam

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The Cemetery near Pellam
Realm The Island of Sloe
Builder(s) dentin  draak
Level 5
Aggro type aggresive
Terrain field
Mob Types undead
Undead roam freely about this graveyard, all of which are in search of a

meal. Of course their idea of a meal normally consists of brains or human flesh, so consider most here not to be friendly. There are two mausoleums located to the east and south of the way point that rumors speak of being the home of a vampiress.


  • wandering zombie
  • decrepit zombie
  • dyslexic zombie
  • walking skeleton
  • skeleton warrior
  • ghostly guardian

Surrounding Areas

Points of interest

In this creepy area fencing runs round the edge of the cemetery with a gate on the eastern side, sections are broken north and south allowing entry to the inner grounds Once inside there and two mausoleums, north-west and south-east which can be entered by typing enter mausoleum

The south-east mausoleum contains a ghostly guardian who will reward you with a useful potion if you defeat him. Both mausoleums lead down to the Pellam Cemetery Crypts.


  • Amusingly the dyslexic zombie says eat brians instead of brains.
  • If you defeat the ghostly guardian in combat it will give you a misty blue potion with detect evil and protection from evil.
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