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The Grassy Field

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The Grassy Field
Realm The Island of Sloe
Builder(s) dentin
Level 2
Aggro type aggresive
Area Size tiny (24 rooms)
Terrain field
Mob Types monsters, demons, undead
To the east of the Refugee camp is a deep gully known as the grassy fields. One will find several chests to ransack, various beasts to kill like red imps and zombies. Finally coming to an end before the encampment of these creatures with a carver shaman guarding the way to the areas beyond.


Contains some of the following types of mob:-

  • red-skinned imp
  • thorn beast
  • mindless zombie
  • Carver Shaman (boss)



The carver shaman part of the defeat the carver shaman quest can be found here.

Surrounding Areas


  • As the area name suggested almost all of the terrain is field with only one area of town where the Carver Shaman is situated. A path runs from west to east making it easy for new players to find the Carver Shaman and proceed to the next area.
  • There are several chests in the area
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