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The False Temple

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The False Temple
Realm The Island of Sloe
Builder(s) morpheus  dentin
Level 9
Aggro type aggresive
Little is known about this temple, some say it is a temple to the god Bobcat, but many others say that it has a far darker and more sinister purpose. It is located to the east of Pellam and north past the bridge or west from the center of Vemarken and north just before the bridge.


Getting past the crushing walls

The clue here is the yellowed note found at various locations in the area.

This note is yellowed with age and has only one line upon it. It
reads "forward three and left once will get you out of a crush."
The message makes little sense, but might come in handy later on.
(Hint - 'forward' doesn't necessarily mean 'north'.  It means
'whatever direction you were already going'.)

Forward three refers to the direction you are facing so translates to east three, since you are facing east left once would be north. So the directions should be read as east;east;east;north


The entrance to the temple can be found just off the path running between the The Town of Pellam and the Town of Vemarken. A suspicious looking path lies on the eastern side of the bridge. Following this path north will lead to inside an ancient structure where a suspicious priest can be found.

A suspicious looking priest claiming to follow Bobcat watches you carefully.

At this point there are two options either kill the priest and make your way into the temple to the north or say the correct password to be allowed through. The correct password was discovered from an earlier quest Made it to Pellam and broke the blockade.

Once inside a stone chamber their will be set of stairs sitting along the back wall. This is a portal into the start of the area. To descend to the bottom of the stone staircase type enter stairs

Congratulation you are now in the false temple. The long room description refers to a message has been painted upon the wall in blood, to see what this message says type look message

 Beyond this point lies the temple to the dark god known as Kenai.
This is not a place for those who cherish their lives.

Surrounding Areas

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