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The Kobold camp

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The Kobold camp
Realm The Island of Sloe
Builder(s) dentin  inessa
Level 7
Aggro type aggresive
Terrain field, building, stream
Pellam was overrun by a small army of kobolds. These nasty little beings

have cut off some survivors from Pellam by setting up a blockade to the southeast of their encampment. The only way the survivors can return is by defeating the kobolds and their leader Uffspigot.


(*) Has notable loot

Uffspigot the leader of the camp can be found in the largest tent on the southern side and is surrounded by kobold guards.


May be found on the ground, in containers, or otherwise not dropped by the mobs in the area

  • a large dwarven hammer
  • (Rare)
  • Level 7
  • Item 'hammer large dwarven mithril'
  • Size 2'6"
  • Weight 13
  • Type WEAPON
  • Composition MITHRIL
  • Speed Normal
  • 4 to 40 crush Damage
  • Requires 18 Strength
  • Wear Location(s) 2_WIELD
  • Affects

    DAMROLL by 2
    HITROLL by 3
    CON by 2
    HIT_POINTS by 10
    MOVE by 10

  • a large dwarven shield
  • Total Level 8
  • Item 'large dwarven shield wood'
  • Size 2'0"
  • Weight 3
  • Type ARMOR
  • Composition WOOD
  • 8 ac-apply
  • Requires 11 Strength
  • Wear Location(s) SHIELD
  • Affects

    DAMROLL by 1


A small kobold camp on The Island of Sloe lays on the way to Pellam

Surrounding Areas

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