The town of Dragon Tooth

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The town of Dragon Tooth
Realm The Island of Archais
Builder(s) shift
Level 26
Waypoints The Dragon Tooth Waypoint

Dragon Tooth is a dwarvern town found on the eastern part of the Island of Archais. It is here where players can make the transition to the city of Ralnoth and the mainland via a portal found one north of the town's waypoint.


  • Put an end to Sh'kar the evil biomancer's foul experiments.
  • Restored the legendary dwarven bracelet.
  • Harvested some webbing from the spider caves for the cleric Helina in Dragon Tooth.
  • Liberated a special mushroom from the Trogdolytes for an alchemist in Dragon Tooth.
  • Delivered a bundle of herbs and spices to the monks in the Monastery of Dreams.

Surrounding Areas

  • Dragon Tooth graveyard & port village (east)
  • Loric Memorial Hospital (north-west)
  • Dwarven mines near Dragon Tooth (south)
  • Svirfneblin stronghold and ruined civilization (south)
  • The Monastery of Dreams (northeast)
  • Monastery of Dreams infirmary and dream zones (northeast)
  • Spider Caves (northwest)
  • The road to Dragon Tooth (west)