Dispelled a chicken and found a mage

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Realm The Island of Kordan
Starting Area The Eastern Indira Forest

Dispelled a chicken and found a mage is a feat quest in the Eastern Indira Forest.

You try to strike up a conversation with a strange chicken...
A strange chicken says, 'Hi, I need your help.'
A strange chicken says, 'I need you to find my wand, it's black with a white tip.'
A strange chicken says, 'It slipped out of my beak somewhere just outside this camp.'
A strange chicken says, 'You might have to search around for it.'
A strange chicken says, 'Well don't just stand there gawking at me!'


1) Go north;east and search for the wand.

You find a black wand with a white tip!

2) Pick up the wand by typing get wand

3) Return to the chicken and type use wand chicken

You wave the wand over a strange chicken and utter the words, 'abracadabra'.
A dark red smoke suddenly surrounds a strange chicken.
As the smoke clears you find an old mage standing before you.
An old mage says, 'Let me take that wand from you, before we have any more accidents.'
An old mage takes the wand from your hand.
An old mage says, 'Wow, it's about time, I didn't think anybody would find
my wand. A student of mine was working on a transformation spell and it
backfired hitting me and turning me into that god awful chicken. Anyway,
thanks and now I must get back to my work. Here take this ring.'
An old mage gives you the ring of shielding.
An old mage leaves north.
You gain 28600 experience!
You receive a ring of shielding.


Quest reward is a ring of shielding which is a decent low level protection piece for fingers and also has the perm spell of shield attached to it.

Item: 'ring shielding jet black' 
Weight: 1  Size: 0'2"  Level: 9 (very common)
Type: ARMOR   Composition: MAGIC   Defense: 2 ac-apply
Object is: GLOW 
Wear locations are: FINGERS 
Item has other effects:
Affects:  SAVING_FIRE by 5%
Affects:  SAVING_COLD by 5%
Affects:  SAVING_ZAP by 5%
Item affects you as:
A transparent magical force shield surrounds you.
You are carrying a ring of shielding.