Helped to make some important deliveries between Vemarken and Indira

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Realm The Island of Sloe

This quest can be started from the general storekeeper who is southeast of the town square in Vemarken.


  1. Go to The general store in Indira and give the map to Mensai (nw enter portal 3n)
  2. Return to the storekeeper in Vemarken and give him map of kordan. (se of town square)
  3. Give tan package to Becca in Indira (nw enter portal ne)
  4. Give wand to Pegad in Indira (sw w 2s w)
  5. Return to Vemarken and give boots to bailiff in mayoral estate (2e 2n of town square)
  6. Give package to researcher in Indira (2w 2s from Indira portal)
  7. Go to the banquet hall and talk to the baron. (2n 5e 2n e from researcher)
  8. Return and talk to Mensai.


For completing this quest you receive a collectors bag which can be useful as a newbie container.

Item: 'collector blue collectors azure bag'  
Weight: 3  Size: 6'0"
Type: CONTAINER   Composition: LEATHER/HIDE   Weight capacity: 0 of 502 lbs.
Weapon damage: 5 to 25 whip, 12 strength to use.
Object is: 

This bag has been crafted out of several small hides and then dyed an
azure blue. The top of the bag stretches enough to fit most anything and
has been double stitched along the edges for extra support. It is very
durable and large enough for any collector. 


The storekeeper says, 'Thanks, our normal delivery person is really sick
and can't make any deliveries for us. I could really use your help in
making some more deliveries.
First I need you to take this map to Mensai the Storekeeper in Indira. To
get to Indira head out of my shop and enter the portal in the center of
town. First thing you should do is head south and pray in the shrine. Once
you have done that head all north to find the general store.'
The Storekeeper gives you a map of Sloe.
You receive a map of Sloe.
You give a map of Sloe to Mensai the Storekeeper.
Mensai the Storekeeper says, 'Oh, great I been waiting for this. Here
bring this back to the Storekeeper in Vemarken for me. Thanks and you
might talk to him or type quest list to be sure you have done all the
work he has to offer.'
Mensai the Storekeeper gives you a map of Kordan.
You receive a map of Kordan.
You give a map of Kordan to the general storekeeper.
The Storekeeper says, 'Nice, this will come in handy. Next I need you to
take this package to Becca the Enchanter in Indira. Remember to get to
Indira head out of my shop and enter the portal in the center of town.
Becca's shop can be found by heading northeast from the portal in Indira.'
The storekeeper gives you a small tan package.
You receive a small tan package
You give a small tan package to Becca the Enchanter.
Becca the Enchanter says, 'Oh, thanks I been waiting for this. I need you
to bring this wand to Pegad the Armorer. To find Pegad head southwest,
west, two south and west from here. Thanks.'
Becca the Enchanter gives you a wand of identify.
You receive a wand of identify.
You give a wand of identify to Pegad the Armorer.
Pegad the Armorer says, 'Oh, thanks I needed one of these. While you're
here, please take these boots to the bailiff in Vemarken. While you are
there, you  might as well talk to the Mayor just in case there is any
new work.'
Pegad the Armorer gives you splint boots.
You receive bronze splint boots
You give bronze splint boots to the bailiff.
The Bailiff says, 'Thanks these boots were getting kind of ratty. Hey when
you go back to Indira find the researcher and give him this package. He can
be found by going three west and two south from the portal in Indira.'
The bailiff gives you a small tan package.
You receive a small tan package.
You give a small tan package to a researcher.
A researcher says, 'Wow, just what I was waiting on. Thank you. Oh, I
need you to go and talk to Baron Wayne. Please let him know I am running
low on supplies. To get to the Baron from here head two north, five east,
two north and east.'
A researcher goes back to his work.
You try to strike up a conversation with Baron Wayne...
Baron Wayne listens to what you have to say as he munches on a turkey leg.
Baron Wayne puts down his turkey leg.
Baron Wayne says, 'Ok, very good. I need you to go over and talk to Mensai
the storekeeper in the general store and let him know the researcher needs
more supplies. The fastest way to get there is to recall and head all
north. Once you finish with that job and if looking for more work, you
might want to go about town and talk to people like Beliana, Pegad, Helga,
Mr. Brown who lives all west of Helga's bakery, the priest in the shrine
and everyone else. Remember to type quest list as well, some just list
their work.'
Baron Wayne goes back to eating his turkey leg.
Mensai the storekeeper says, 'Ok, I will talk with the head of the Mage's
Guild and we will get more supplies out to the researcher real soon.
Thank you very much for making all these deliveries between Vemarken and
our town. Our normal delivery person should be back on his feet in a day
or two. Here take this bag for all your troubles and hope you enjoy your
stay in Indira.'
Mensai the storekeeper gives you a collector's bag.
Mensai the storekeeper says, 'Oh, if you're looking for more work you
might wish to talk to the Lady Angelia she can be found with the Baron.'
You gain 5145 experience!
You receive a collector's bag.