Did not eat the kitten

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Realm The Island of Sloe
Starting Area Village of Bandera Azul

This quest can be found in the Village of Bandera Azul, where evil roy will challenge you to eat an innocent kitten, depending on your character's align there are two possible outcomes: for evil characters Ate the kitten and for non-evil characters Did not eat the kitten.


  • find evil roy
  • attempt to eat the kitten (Use the oz emote on the kitten)


In the back alleys of Bandera Azul, where hope is quenched and righteousness drowned in filth, some twisted souls dwell contemplating acts of evil far beyond the understanding of the good in heart. Even a person of balanced perspective could not stoop to such deeds, as there are no good acts of equal magnitude to offset the unspeakable evil thereof.


You lift the kitten to your lips and give it a gentle kiss. Smiling
benevolently, you release the little creature and send it on its way, away
from the darkness of the alley and the evil happenings thereof to a world of
light and hope!
You kind-hearted angel, you didn't eat the kitten! Good for you! After all,
eating kittens is, well, it's just plain WRONG!!!